Mirror Image on tour in Taiwan and Malaysia

me and fufu

Mirror Image post-show talk

Mirror Image is a joined production by Mirramu Dance Company (Australia), Dancecology (Taiwan) and DPAC Dance Company (Malaysia). In July the collaborators from all 3 companies came together for 2 weeks in Taiwan, and 1 in Malaysia. In Taiwan we performed at the Experimental Theatre in the National Theatre complex, and in Malasiaat Damansara Performing Arts Centre. 

In both countries, but especially in Taiwan, we received such a heartwarming response to the work. Audience members very willingly and openly shared how they connected both to the themes of the work and the dance. In one post-show forum a woman even started to sing a song of gratitude!

The Taipei program note features a beautiful quote by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman of Mirramu Dance Company:

When we dance, we let the light inside our body flow out.
When we dance with nature, we let the light flow into our body.
Capture the very moment when the two lights become one – the most powerful reflection. Mirror Image nature castMirror Image in the news


No Place @ Nishi Gallery Canberra

ImageSome snaps from the tech and dress runs of No Place. As performer it was a highly sensorial, imaginative and intricate experience, stemming from a long process of improvisations and visualisations.

Follow this link for a review (description) of the work.

All photos by Lorna Sim. Choreography Adelina Larsson, Video Sarah Kaur, Installation Christiane Nowak, Sound Shoeb Ahmad