OVERWORLD at Dance Massive 2015


In March 2015 I performed in a second season of OVERWORLD by Sarah Aiken & Rebecca Jensen. The work was a part of Dance Massive Festival 2015 at Arts House, Melbourne and.. it SOLD OUT!

I love love love performing this crazy work. Audiences walk around us, sit in front of us, line up in front of us, sit around us, dress me, watch me getting undressed, lie down and close their eyes, get up and see me on a screen. Lots of exciting challenges.

There are few different reviews this time, I find this one by Jordan Beth Vincent the most interesting.

OVERWORLD Image: Sarah Walker

OVERWORLD Image: Sarah WalkerOVERWORLD Image: Sarah Walker
OVERWORLD Image: Sarah Walker


No Place @ Nishi Gallery Canberra

ImageSome snaps from the tech and dress runs of No Place. As performer it was a highly sensorial, imaginative and intricate experience, stemming from a long process of improvisations and visualisations.

Follow this link for a review (description) of the work.

All photos by Lorna Sim. Choreography Adelina Larsson, Video Sarah Kaur, Installation Christiane Nowak, Sound Shoeb Ahmad