Smooth Moves

The beginning of 2014 saw a beautiful new thing happen!!! I facilitated the first series of Smooth Moves: morning yoga and raw smoothie at Shoku Iku cafe in Westgarth.
It has been amazingly fulfilling to share yoga with people in a way that feels true to me and inspires me. Shoku Iku is one of my favourite cafes in the world. Yoko’s (the owner) passion for honest, raw, ethical, super tasty nutrient-packed food is contagious! So the idea of running a yoga class there followed by a raw smoothie came naturally. These Monday morning session have been a beautiful, grounding way to start the week with 90min for our internal space and then 30min or so for enjoying the company of the other yogi(ni)s and of course the delicious smoothies.
I am humbled by the beautiful feedback I’ve received and the class being chock-a-block for a couple of the sessions. There will definitely be another series starting soon, most likely in April!

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Homebase away from home


I am in Canberra at the moment rehearsing for No Place, an interdisciplinary project directed by Adelina Larsson.
Each morning I step out onto the balcony surrounded by lush gardens and enjoy a brief meditation as the sun rises higher in the sky. It’s such a great way to start the day calm, grounded and grateful.
Thanks comfy red blanket, thanks birdies, thanks sunshine, thanks birch trees, and thanks cup of tea that’s waiting for me inside!