Too much thought?

When I started this blog I did so with the vision to blend my so-called professional and personal lives in one online space, just as they can’t be separated anymore IRL. But after a couple of months of sporadic blogging it jumps out to me that I have still only mentioned my professional endeavours. As if to say a bit of self-promotion is all worth doing here. That was exactly not my plan!

So. Let’s rectify our mistakes.

I watched the documentary Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds this week – 100% recommended watching, it’s free if you follow the link. One of the many things this movie illuminates is the role of thought in our lives nowadays and what we are really getting out of so much thinking. The idea that we can solve problems by thinking up solutions, whereas perhaps with each new thought our minds actually create a new problem.

This idea of Too Much Thinking keeps popping up for me, in my awareness of everyday behaviours, in my yoga practice, and in practical research for POTENTIAL, a dance project I am working on. During many years of dance training and as an independent dance artist, I aspired to be good at thinking, thinking hard and then vocalising those thoughts intelligently. Perhaps even up to two years ago I believed that the more questions you can come up with as an artist, the more interesting you are. Isn’t it nice to feel you’re such a product of your society. And really, I still am. I so am a child of my time. My society is ready for change and so am I. I am bored of intelligent sounding or looking art, people, places – I want to be, to feel, to experience and I am not alone in that. Let’s add some heart back into this brainy place.

Earlier this year I was part of a collaboration between Mirramu Dance Company and a group of indigenous dancers/musicians from Arnhem Land. And now again I see how true it is that not all cultures have gone the way of favouring the analytical mind over anything else. Our collaborators seemed to have no need for (what I’m used to calling) in-depth discussions about the nature of the collaboration, about what works and what doesn’t and what their thoughts are on any and all issues related to the project. Mostly they just knew what they wanted and communicated that. Now looking back, I still feel inspired by how ‘good’ they were at simply being. I have memories of sitting together and instead of analysing the day or gossiping we were ‘just’ being present, sharing some snacks, sharing a story and enjoying the world around us, and within us.

I am inspired to meditate more and trust my intuition to make decisions in life.

Let’s live from the heart and give that brain a bit of a break. ♥


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