Photo: Mikel Uribetxeberria (http://www.mikeluribetxeberria.com)

Project in the pipelines..

Humans are little walking animals. When the city is their nest we call them ‘Urban Animals’.

Step 1.
Become present to what meaning the term ‘Urban Animal’ has for you. Place equal weight on both words.

Step 2.
When does this term apply to you? Describe your actions/thoughts/feelings/sensations/situation/context. (delete what’s not relevant)
Responses most welcome via this blog, email, Facebook or in person.


One thought on “URBAN ANIMALS

  1. Step 1
    I feel like I’m fighting for my future survival/dependance as an artist. It’s a very internally aggressive state sometimes that I need to control or set free, like a tiger, or perhaps even more a hyena, in a cage.

    Step 2
    I put myself in a squared or circled off area outside, somewhere in melbourne and I set myself free. but the outside watched is always questioning…when am I most free? And what energy state is that?

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